JobsYahan Privacy Policy

  1. Name, mobile number, email address, password, gender, current location, city, contact number.
  2. Information that normally users use in their resume, such as name, contact details, email address, mobile number, date of birth, work experience, educational qualifications, data relating to your current and previous employment and salary details, may be registered on JobsYahan.
  3. When you complete your profile, you agree to our Privacy Policy and share with us your KYC information from Government IDs such as, Aadhar, PAN, RC, Voter ID, Driving License, Udyam, and GSTIN. We will be saving and updating the following information as per the information that we receive from the ID you’ve chosen:
    • PAN Card : PAN-Number, PAN-Status, Last Name, First Name, Full Name.
    • RC : Status, Registration Date, Registration Location, Class, Maker, Owner Name, Chassis Number, Registration Number, Engine Number, Fuel Type, Fit Upto, Insurance Upto, Tax Upto
    • Voter ID : e-EPIC Number, Name, Gender, Age, Relative Name, Location-Constituency, Parliamentary-Constituency, Assembly-Constituency, District Code, District Name, State, State Code.
    • Driving Licence : Driving Licence Number, Date of Birth, Endorse Date, Name, Valid From, Valid To, Complete Address-Permanent, Complete Address-Temporary
    • Udhayam Aadhar : Udyam Number, Enterprise Name, Organisation Type, Major Activity, Full Address, Email, MSME DFO, Enterprise Type, Unit Name, Unit-Complete Address.
    • GSTIN: Complete Address, Nature of Business, Registration Date, Constitution Of Business, GST Status, Trade Name, GSTIN, Legal Name, PAN
    • Aadhar Number : Date of Birth, Gender, Name, Complete Address.
  4. The KYC (Know Your Customer) information that you share with us is used to validate your identity, authenticate genuine transactions, and minimise fake profiles on the platform.
  5. JobsYahan can SMS or WhatsApp you for services. Besides, if you refer a friend and share his/her contact details, we can communicate with the concerned individual via SMS or WhatsApp.
  6. JobsYahan may also collect your personal information like name, age, contact details, employment preferences, etc. at the time of survey and forms, if you agree to contribute to the survey.
  7. When you interact with JobsYahan or use this platform to interact with JobsYahan’s partners, we may take the information of interaction between both of you.
  8. Using the device to access JobsYahan platform, we may collect technical and/or related information from the device as well as the device's location.
  9. If you choose to access JobsYahan Platform using a third-party account such as Truecaller, Google, Facebook, etc. to connect the platform, or if you connect your social media account with the Platform's services, you consent to our collection, storage and use of the data you provide to us through the third-party interface in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  • To Personalise User Experience: We may use your data to comprehend how you use services and resources provided on our website.
  • To Enhance Our Website: Based on the data given to us, we constantly strive to enhance our website services.
  • To Improve Customer Service: Your data assists us in effectively answering your queries and needs across all communication channels.
  • To Process Transactions: When a user opts to use services of JobsYahan and the information they provide about themselves help us provide them with services. We never disclose information with outside parties, except in the conditions that it is necessary to provide them for services.
  • To Undertake Research: The data that all users share with us may be used from time-to-time for various research purposes by JobsYahan or its attached entities.
  • To Manage Content - Promotions, surveys, or other features of the website: We may send information to users if they allow us to do so about the topics that we think may be interesting to them.
  • To Send Periodic Communication: When a user registers with JobsYahan, we will send them related updates and information via Email, WhatsApp, Telegram or SMS. It could also be used to answer their questions and other requests.